October 26, 2010

Amy and Jesse, beautiful people, beautiful wedding.

Amy and Jesse had such a great DIY wedding at Jesse's parents home on the water.  I consider myself a lucky girl to be able to be their photographer.  I was actually shooting a wedding at The Chestnut Club on Valentines day when I saw these two walking down the street and thought to myself "Damn, that is such a good looking couple!"  turns out they headed into the Chestnut club to do some amazing singing/piano/guitar playing for the wedding.  Double funny that Amy came up and introduced herself as the Amy that I had been corresponding by email for a few weeks about possibly shooting her wedding.   Hooray!  Amy's a model and I can honestly say these two are just as pretty on the inside.  Here's Amy's info if you want her for lovely music at your event. thenetworkde.com

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