September 30, 2009

Kate and Charles. A Cairnwood Estate Wedding

I loved everything about this wedding. It was so classy and still a maintained a fun, comfortable vibe. Kate and Charles are obviously adorable and totally in love so, to be honest with you my job was super easy. Just point and shoot! I also want to thank everyone for being so kind with their feedback. Very sweet!

Cairnwood Estate Wedding.

September 15, 2009

Summer Times

Went to Vermont a few weeks ago with some buddies. We rented a little house on the lake and did summertime things, including but not limited to.... swimming, rock skipping, hiking, grilling, cocktail drinking, card playing, picture taking, food eating, badmintoning, yoga practicing, clove smoking, lake floatie floating and waterfall flipping. I can tell I'll have to revisit these photos in a few months. Sigh.

September 3, 2009

Villanova Conference Center: Photography of Erin and Kelsey

Erin and Kelsey had a beautiful wedding at the Villanova Conference Center. It was a little hot but the weather was beautiful. I have been lucky enough to not be caught in the rain this year. These two are hugh Georgetown fans, so much so that Erin wore a Georgetown garter! There was even a song sun about the team!