January 21, 2009

Taralisa and Dan: Marsha Brown Wedding Photos in New Hop, PA

For Taralisa and Dan this was actually their second wedding.....to each other. They eloped on a wild mission so techniqly they were already married. We had a great time shooting in New Hope PA and luckily it wasn't too cold. Taralisa is into the theatre so needless to say she made a great subject and Dan has a bit of it in himself as well. But, as usual, it's the love that shines through the camera and back out again. I'll give a mexico update a bit later for anyone who's interested. Chow!

January 2, 2009

Mexico : Don't Be Mad at Me!

I'm off to escape this bitter cold. If you need me I will be sipping a cocktail with my toes in the water. You can try a subliminal message or.....if you must......an email. Love.

Regan & Carlos

The rain held out at perfect times throughout Regan and Carlos's wedding. The wind however was a different story. It was kind of an exciting energy though. I love the last shot of Regan's Mom. Carlos, I forgot to ask you what happened to the nachos shaped like Texas?