June 24, 2008

a few more

Liz & Randy

I was so excited to shoot this wedding since it was to take place on the very grounds that my parents were married on! Might I note that they are still happily married to this day. So, you too, might want to exchange vows at Rockwood Park. It was a beautiful day.

June 19, 2008

Mary & Andrew

Mary & Andrew's wedding was such a great time. They had it at the Independence Visitor Center and had many Philadelphia details, including Tastycakes and Soft Pretzels to take home! The ceremony was very moving and personal done in the Quaker tradition, EVERYONE was crying. Good tears. And check this out Andrew's parents met in Gummere Hall at Haverford which is exactly the same place Andrew met Mary!!!!I also had a lot of fun with their friends/bridal party who invited me out to drinks afterwards. Seriously I would have loved to but a wedding will seriously wipe you out. I always go directly home and massage my feet for about an hour. Is that TMI?

June 10, 2008

Kim and Shaun

Anywhere there are large blocks of yummy cheese you can pretty much count on me being happy. This event was no exception. Kim and Shaun are two very cool peeps and it was clear that everyone at their affair had a good time. There were some tears shed, there was lots of food grazing and eventually the cops were called because too much fun was being had. Good times.

Jessica and Chad

Sorry I am so behind on my blog posts! Jessica and Chad lucked out with some beautiful weather on their big day. They are cute as cup cakes (which they had many of) especially due to the fact that Chad is a good foot or two taller then his lovely bride. He also sung a beautiful song for Jessica during the reception. Sweet.