December 8, 2007

Erin and John

This is one good looking couple. They actually caused a collision involving a city bus! Possibly. Anyway we had a good time trotting around Philadelphia. They have a very tight group of friends and I can see why. They are a lot of fun to be around and are really sweet people. Their sweetness was reflected in the spread of desserts that came out later that evening. I swear to you I have never seen so many different options in one place. It was huge! Anyway, I know some of the ladies are anxious to see some of these on the blog so, here you go.

December 3, 2007

day two

and this was Saturday.

The party doesn't stop for Melissa and Raj!

These two know how to throw a wedding! TWO weddings in two days. Then another 1/2 wedding a week later. I bet they still haven't recovered from all of that splendor. Oh and, this was a first for me, Raj's brother announced during the reception that the had booked them a charter flight to NYC to say at the Waldorf Astoria for that night. They had a wedding planner with two assistants, 2 videographers, a photographer from the inquirer who was covering their story and me. Did I mention the food?! Yums. With all of the festivities and craziness they are still one of my favorite couples of all time and I would do it all over again with them.

Thanksgiving in Big Sur California

I decided to go visit my brother in Big Sur for Thanksgiving. He works at a lodge called Fernwoods which is an amazing place. Everyone there was super cool and the surrounding nature was majestic to say the least. My friends from San Fran came down to meet me and we are thinking this might be our new tradition. Here are a few images taken within a few hundred yards. Why do I live in Philly?