August 20, 2009

Caroline and Dan Photography at The Willows in Villanova Wedding, PA

Caroline and Dan had an amazingly fun wedding at The Willows in Villanova.  I had never shot there before and now it has become a favorite.  Ok, where to begin....First of all, two dresses.  One was her Mothers with a huge train and long sleeves, the other a modern beauty.  Secondly, live animals were mingling with the guests.  They paid a visit from the Philadelphia Zoo where Dan used to work with the little critters.  There was Mead to drink (involves honey) and lots of dancing.  It was such a great time for everyone to be part of something uniquely "Dan and Caroline".  OH! and they are jointly changing their last names to Sylvan...Latin for woods!  I LOVE that!

Willows Mansion at Villanova Wedding Photography

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