October 29, 2008

Whaaa Happened?

What happened to my words? Kate and Terry's wedding description dissapeared. I am not suprised with how crazy everything is right now. Currently all of my stuff is in boxes at the new place. I have vowed to not hit another thrift store for at least six months. I have a real problem. It's a sin how much stuff I had to get rid of! I was nostalgic and cried a little bit during the packing/destruction of my first home in Philly. It's rented to some nice young designer lads, so lets hope that goes well. Sooo back to Kate and Terry who had an awesome wedding even though it POURED rain. That is going to be one lucky marrage! They had a huge wedding party and I was freaking out about where we could possible shoot everyone with no light and tons of moisture when Kate's Dad assured me he had a very cool place lined up, a very cool stone mill. Dads always come through don't they. It all worked out! Check out Kate's dress....Sooo pretty, it reminded me of a exotic sea creature. Lovely.

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