August 8, 2008

Cassie and Brent

Obviously in love, Cassie and Brent decided it would be a good idea to get married. I think anyone around them would agree that this was a good idea. The church was this amazing gem of a place in The Navy Shipyard here in South Philly. Cassie or Brent I can't seem to find the link online. Let me know. We then took The Liberty Bell for a cruise on the water and some partying. It was a cool ship and a lot of fun until the AC compressor decided to call it quits. It was another one of those 99 degree days. Ick. We had fun anyway and now Cassie and Brent can call each other Husband and Wife, or just stick to baby. Oh, the boy scouts were just a random an added bonus. They probably have no idea they are online. I hope that's legal.

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