August 28, 2007

Melissa and Raj are sweet

You are fantastic! Your work is so beautiful! I can't stop looking at these pics and saying "WOW- look at this one!" Your work is so fantastic...I can't wait for the wedding! I know we have an awesome photographer!

Thank you, thank you!


All we really want to know is:

1) Can we be famous from these pictures? Because we think so.

2) Can we be mentioned in your blog or be featured on your website?

As you can see, its our strong desire to get as much exposure as possible.

Joking aside, you did a fantastic job. As Melissa said earlier, at first I was reluctant to do these pictures, but doing them was pretty fun, and the end product was fantastic. Definitely worth it, and something we'll treasure.

(feel free to use that quote on your website).

Take care, and see you soon...

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